Elizabeth Terrazas

July 25, 2009

Poem Object
wonder if rain and ghosts come into this world
very often
too many pictures and dances to cement
every one of them
takes me back when I was
now, is it true, Joe?
say it isn’t so joe, a chrysanthemum
a piano
speak of a time
when    she knew the answer
not always
to the kernel      I must say
not always this
way-slow down         let’s talk about it: sit
in this chair: let’s say what
let’s say:  where
would it go without me   what would the shoes say?
What are now prayers read
In Catholic school     fathom beyond
Victim     beyond the past
Is prosperity
We celebrate our unusual manner
Of speaking and writing      look I see no
I see know way to–


If my jaw were loose I would speak in third person. I would be an actress.

A Screen test screened her out. Fitted little black dress, cropped black hair, high cheekbones, perfect teeth. She gets tunnel vision when she speaks in tongues. (Opposite, this is autobiographical)

Honest, I just prefer 3rd person. Princesses are hard to find in first person. Loose lips and jaws crunch the numbers for a new job. The tarot cards guide. See, she gotta dream.  Bignumbers. Big houses. Big yard. Big book, really, a bestseller. I’m almost on welfare, does it count?

Mebbe I could sell 3 out of 8 books and make 3 billion dollar moviesa couple of shorts. But I guess I could always fall back on poetry, something like night trains and Pat Metheny, dark skies of a Slow Train in the 3rd movement, something like-Steve Reich. So whoa baby, you know what else?  I live just near and far enough away from the train. Too close and I’d get on. Too far and I cry.

All night long she dreamt tigers. She walked him to the pier. A carousel building, painted scepters.

Does the King know we left?

INasmucH as he saw me leave, I begged forgiveness, reminded him of  Eric Satie and the ballet we wrote.  I left him in his chambers.

I begged, “How beautiful she is on stage–her stance, the music!”

He answered, “polar bears.” I fell down.

He carried me to the moat. I saw the nuns and monks along the bridge. Layers of velvet, linen, silk and gold. Lots of gold. The carriage followed lions with shields and elephants with coat of arms. He wore a simple crown. He sought clarity charity. Could be polar bears, could be penguins.


Loves Ben Sherman and has portraits in

Black and white frames of winter. Winter.

It is too embarrassing to know this—too

Embarrassing to write when she watches

Through blinds blinded. Blinde sided

4:2  or 5’7” bomb shelled in Greek

Aesthetics of symmetry

the alpha of Beauty     a bottomline

Ratio of me to her. Gilded moonlight

Becomes her.

The songs reveal her writing

Anonymously writing love songs

To J. Alfred, for him who knew

the Michelangelo  in everyone.


Is lit and shaking

Warble down the martinis

Or champagne  think costumes and disguises no

Think agaiin agaiiin of Japanese

Karacter. The Danish do know

Their films and personas know

Wim Wenders’ black coats

Evenings under a snow white

Sky train route. Midnight passport

Checks and sleeping cars…I am getting

Serengeti drowsy already.

IMG00044-20090324-1616Elizabeth Terrazas I’m working on a Project in which music, poetry, theatre and dance is synthesized with Technology in a performance piece called, “Rivers, A work in progress” using Minimalist composers: Steve Reich, John Adams, Sakamoto, Satie, and others.

So:  Santa Fe & Art of the Wild workshops led to CCA & MFA. Now: Poet, Painter; Began painting at JFKU, Orinda…along with Consciousness classes and received undergrad degree.  Started a Reading Series, Aardvark, “What the Hell is Algebra?”, “Duende” , “Awkward” – Exhibited at Mission Cultural Center in SF for “Solo Mujeres: Spirit” painting exhibition. Featured reader at San Francisco Public Library, “Latin American Bilingual Poetry Event” with Jose Tagua & Rolando Carrillo.

Anyway it all coalesces into Sustainability, Compassion, and Social Entrepreneurship/the Philanthropic movement around us with a Holistic view of Sustainability in how we care for the planet mirrored in how we care for each other, ourselves  and every living thing.

Current Exhibit at Cockadoodle Cafe==Downtown Oakland, Washington Street until 8/15,  “Acme Poetry: Visual Poetry and Literal Paintings”. Looks at the high speed  innovative technology as well as avarice and financial tumultuous times.

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