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Elizabeth Terrazas

July 25, 2009

Poem Object
wonder if rain and ghosts come into this world
very often
too many pictures and dances to cement
every one of them
takes me back when I was
now, is it true, Joe?
say it isn’t so joe, a chrysanthemum
a piano
speak of a time
when    she knew the answer
not always
to the kernel      I must say
not always this
way-slow down         let’s talk about it: sit
in this chair: let’s say what
let’s say:  where
would it go without me   what would the shoes say?
What are now prayers read
In Catholic school     fathom beyond
Victim     beyond the past
Is prosperity
We celebrate our unusual manner
Of speaking and writing      look I see no
I see know way to–


If my jaw were loose I would speak in third person. I would be an actress. Read the rest of this entry »

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