Jack Morgan

July 25, 2009

From The Haunting of Ninja Town


I look into the mirror
and don’t turn myself
on anymore.

It’s someone else’s turn
to arrouse me.

Maybe that monkey
on your crooked back
would like the job.

Turn around so I can see
your whispey spine and his
whiska tail swish

I have a cat with 9 tails
with which I’d like the 2 of you
To whip me with until you’re blue

with greed and regret.


Calling all cars cashing in on your unhappiness.
Cheer up:
Alcohol is free if you fuck the right people.
Your parents love you.
There was a National Geographic about how they can’t
help but love you––
genetic investment.
They take your cell and stick it in alcohol
and out comes your DNA after a spank and a tickle
––a good shake––
and you can see it with your naked eye.
It’s like a fiber optic strand; it tells us
your parents will always love you; even if
you’re adopted.
Geography here is inconsequential.
But large nests = GOOD
or your matress is freeeee.


to enjoy the city alone
close your eyes
to the music

There are fiberglass owls
scaring pigeons and mice
with yeses in their mouths
like herpes or hermes
there’s no avoiding
plastic messages

blink slowly; blink slowly
when you’re alone, and it’s night

Jack Morgan. Poet. Illustrator. Editor/art director of Blu magazine in the Shenandoah Valley.

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