Hello there! Back Room Live is the result of my having curated a multi-genre reading searies out of Mc Nallys Irish Pub in Oakland Ca. During my residency there over 50 writers made art in public. After moving to Tucson I started Back Room Live on line. As part of a new format I’ll be reading, recording and posting contributions from BRL’s contributors. If you would like a portion of your contribution recorded please let me know and if you don’t want a reading of your writing posted let me know. Not sure- you may come across a recording of your work by surprise!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Julie Rogers Says:

    I’m interested in posting some poetry here… could you let me know the guidelines, contact info etc. in order to do so? Thank you.

  2. backroomlive Says:

    Hi. We will be reading and posting writing about love during the month of February! Details to come…

  3. […] I’m the creator of Back Room Live. My visual art can be viewed at Harriet Homemaker. I blog at Life-long Press. Check out my poem […]

  4. Cool poetry. Like the attitude of openness and space, here and now. Big up… How do I submit?

  5. backroomlive Says:

    Hi there, thanks for your interest! I’m not sure what I’m doing w/ BRL at the moment (I’m a visual artist too and have been dedicating my time there harriethomemaker.wordpress.com) considering a new format, or archiving. If I do decide to resume posting new writing I’ll let you know…

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