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Gillian Hamel

March 28, 2009

how moths and lamps really work

there might actually be something beyond the light that is attractive. ‘all I need’ does not suggest this outright but something in there takes you in that direction, wondering how much the dark disturbs or if there’s a possibility of something afterward once you get out of it. I think I understand what you mean now. it’s not necessarily about being literal, when anything in your mind can easily be imagined or understood, like the last hour or so of Jaws.

if only I could stay here indefinitely,
and maybe you could be here too

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Boyer Rickel

March 28, 2009

from reliquary

The beaked and opalescent bloodied

stump my dog nudges—a chunk

of pigeon in shadow. Things known

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Victoria A. Hudson

March 28, 2009

Trigeminal Neuralgia

It strikes
No warning

It slithers

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Chiwan Choi

March 28, 2009

inexplicable walls—uncooperative roses

—the black out—the sirens—air cracking with each rushed
inhale—this is the waiting—cross legs and hard concrete
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March 18, 2009


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