from NATURAL FUSION by Bonnie Hudgins

February 27, 2011

This series is called “Natural Fusion” and they are all taken of different sections of Antelope Slot Canyons, Arizona. which are made up of various layers of sandstone deposited about 190 mya. and carved out by water wind and erosion.

Growing up along the Chesapeake Bay surrounded by Artists and Scientists, taught me the value of finding what I love the most; Art, Photography, and Poetry. Combing my passions with my job as a wilderness and Archeological Guide for northern Arizona brought together who I am today, a seeker of finding the hidden realms within nature.

One Response to “from NATURAL FUSION by Bonnie Hudgins”

  1. Leslie gross Says:

    This world, so evolving, men now stand where fish had found deep shelter from the currents in murky tides. I envision, the mountains, the Terra, untouched by beauty with corrosive human dwellings. Much has been masked. This marvel of incise portrait has been touched with beauty beyond prediction, for this artist has claimed all it’s value back! Beautiful and inspiring.

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