February 25, 2011


If some long unborn friend looks at photos in pity, we say, sure we were happy, but it was not in the wind. – Muriel Rukeyser, Tree of DaysM

every year
we come here
to picture
our existence,
as women, as lovers
back at home
adorn refrigerator
with the miniature
black-and-white prayer strips
goofball poses, kisses
and, my favorites –
the two of us
side by side, head to head
looking plainly out
at this world
without a mirror




Hartford, CT native, Donna Fleischer, has authored three poetry chapbooks, Twinkle, Twinkle (Longhouse Publishers, 2010), indra’s net (bottle rockets press, 2003) and Intimate Boundaries (self-published, 1991). In January 2011 Pressing on publishing (Athens, GA) brought out a broadside of her poem, rail cars. Her haiku were featured daily online for the month of June 2010 by The Cornell University Mann Library’s Daily Haiku (Tom Clausen, editor:, and both haiku and haibun were published by Poets for Living Waters (Amy King & Heidi Lynn Staples, editors:, and Salamander Cove (Annie Wyndham, editor: Her open form poetry has received the University of Hartford Creative Writing Award for Poetry, Virginia Hale, Ph.D. and the late
George Michael Evica, Ph.D., judges.

Donna’s poetry appears regularly in literary periodicals in Japan, England, and the U. S., anthologies, and bimonthly on the CT Environmental Headlines website (Christopher Zurcher, editor: Her blog word pond surfaced in March 2010 where she curates postings of and on poetry, literature, music, visual arts, news stories and ecology — Donna’s recent featured readings include CELL gallery, Ludlow, MA, Pegasus Gallery of Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT, and WordForge Reading Series at Billings Forge, Hartford, CT. She is assistant editor of bottle rockets, a journal of the small poem, now in its eleventh year. Indra’s net is currently in production for a second printing with a foreword by the poet Charlie Mehrhoff, November, a new manuscript, is nearing completion, and The Useful Knowledge Press (New Haven, CT) is bringing out a limited edition of Donna’s haiku with wood engravings by Allan Greenier in 2011, entitled 11 HAIKU.

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