WITHOUT A BED by Katherine Chatel

February 15, 2011

For Ryan who was Dana

One night we slept side by side
on a cat pissed floor
in an apartment with no windows
and a bathroom down the hall
with no toilet paper.

We shared a sweater as a blanket
slept close for warmth
on our island surrounded
by urine-soaked newspapers
and stacks of orange crusted dishes.

Even in that room
I fell asleep
to the question
what would happen
if I leaned over to kiss you?

When we woke up
I went downstairs
to the Chinese-donut shop
to see what time it was
whether it was light enough for morning.




Katherine Chatel is currently working on her first novel, Dust.  You can find more of her poetry in Full of Crow, Tea Party Magazine, Milvia Street, Poems-for-All, and Listen and Be Heard. Outside of writing and work, she spends her days parenting children, connecting with her sweetheart, and when she can traveling.  She is thankful for her literary friends and support from her family.

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