February 10, 2011

Internet Dating

O vast endless field of
World Wide Loneliness.

You reveal the mystery of your soul
with a list of your hobbies
and favorite TV shows.

Enhancing this
with a photograph of yourself
mmmencased in a billowy parka
on top of a snow covered peak.
Or sitting on a couch
your shirt unbuttoned
a hole or two
mmmyour feet resting on a fluffy carpet.
You smile on cue.

Last but not least:
you give
the income you desire in the Other.

Bravely, you put it all “out there”
for the world to view.
You hope someone will notice.
anyone, anyone
but you.




I have had poetry published in The Berkeley Poetry Review, Milvia Street, the Berkeley Daily Planet, Quiet Lightning Sparkle and Blink 2.0,  Poets for Living Waters and Ultrarunning Magazine
I have a degree in English from U.C. Berkeley.  I’m employed as an administrative assistant at U.C. Berkeley.

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