February 8, 2011


So I hit this ride,
right on the street.
It’s the Music.
Music right in your face.
And I can’t stop moving.
I can’t stop feeling.
And I am up.
I am high.
And I ache with life.
And I am not taking notice of the autocracy
And it’s coming hard and it’s going hard.
I don’t have to be someone else,
not these days,
so watch yourself,
because it’s time for more time,
and this is your town.




Zac Sawdey
Born: 11/26/1974 San Jose, CA
hometown: El Cajon, CA
Degree: BA English California Polytechnic State University
Currently resides: West Oakland
Hobbies: procrastinating now not putting it off until later
Relationship status: right in the middle of the big turnaround

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