October 30, 2010

This Place—Mine for Now—

looked like some place
belonging to someone else
when I woke up—it seemed—
with another’s eyes,
having no memory of where I placed

my glasses—
tooled in the name of some stranger’s
science—& this is where, most days, I first find fear
like Eunice from Accounting who, for an hour,
listened to voices beyond
arguing on the best way to free her
from the elevator—in operation
since the office was a department store.

Who are we, then,
to repurpose a thing for another thing?

There is rain thrumming my rented sill, leaking
along the same trek
the pill bugs take, when from below
the corner of my bed—
held up by a stack of books—
threatens to bring its weight down
fingering, now, the edge of my wire frames.
I hold the blur up to what light is there
in the morning I never see coming.




A native of Detroit, Michigan, Tommye Blount currently resides in the nearby suburb of Novi. He is a graduate from Michigan State University’s Advertising program & a Cave Canem Fellow. His work can be found, or is forthcoming, in The Collagist, The Cave Canem XI Anthology, & Upstreet. He is currently working on his manuscript, Chicken.

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