September 8, 2010

click to hear: Valyntina Grenier reading HERE


Pilgrim, Beloved, come fish friend
here by this wall of sand

You and I, Beloved,
formless form, house of roses

Garden, Soul, bring to this sea
your troubles

You, come to know

Valyntina Grenier is a poet and visual artist. She is editor-in-chief of Life-long Press and Valyntina’s visual art can be viewed at She has poetry and art at She blogs at

One Response to “VALYNTINA GRENIER reading HERE”

  1. […] Hi, I’m the creator of Back Room Live. My visual art can be viewed at Harriet Homemaker. I blog at Life-long Press. Check out my poem MORE ELSE at Spiral Orb or YOU’RE MINE YOU at Saint Mary’s Magazine or listen to HERE here. […]

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