August 1, 2010


help me / hysterical / googling cancer
an ad for fuckbook / two girls
suck one blue lollipop / she-ghost writes a letter
with my finger / describes a bus ride / a white guy
wears an ‘I’m a motherfucker’ t-shirt / punches
that black guy / he bleeds beautiful / somewhere
there’s a hotdog eating contest / in Japan
her letter says Love is a Lost Island / the internet
is smarter than us / when she said ‘I caught you’
I fell from a burning tree


dead the day /I found god / in men who tear
phonebooks / I am older now / I type / pick my nose
a criminal / smoking / in a space / outside
the window vines cover city hands / talking
to a skeleton’s jaw is nightlife / I fry
virgin oil & a dash of sea salt / I fuck a little
too rough / she cries
for home when she dies /she hit
by a semi / dies / she fills up
dies / gets horned / grasps the bulge / flasks
the drink black in the room she backs that thang up




Andrew Shuta makes shit in Tucson: rock&rolls, pops off the dance floor, designs stuff & paints on things. He works for a charter high school & Spork Press. Lately, he’s been leanin’ a goth crutch like blackness & dying rose in the middle of. His website is

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