June 27, 2010

What Happens When You Turn Around

Where you are headed gets closer.
The world behind you has vanished and everything you thought
you saw has changed.
I will be dressed up.
I will be holding something which
when you see it
will stop being
whatever it is.
A box full of tulips.
A folding chair and a loaf of bread.
A bathrobe.


From where I am, I can see the back of a head.
We are in public.
A champagne cork flies into a
I only see one back of one head.
All the eyes are in front of you and looking back
and everybody’s mouth is
starting to close again.
I have a gun in my hand.


A pair of shoes.
A calendar.
You start to turn back to me.


I have a child in my hand.
You start to turn back to me.


But when you face the crowd it is a long stare
from your point of view.
From both points of view.
Enough time for clouds to gather over us.
Enough time for rain to come and go.
Time for sun.
Dry earth.
It is a long time.


But then you start to turn around.
The days are as long as days again.
There is a world that rotates with your back.
A long shadow moving and the crowd
goes on with their lunch.


Then as if nothing happened.
Nothing at all.
The child in my hand is not there.
Just a hand.
My hand.


If you had eyes
or a mirror
that worked the light
fast enough.
Then you would have seen what I saw.
You would have seen it.
It would have happened.




Joshua Garcia received his MFA from University of Arizona. He is currently a student at University of Michigan Law School.


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