May 30, 2010

[allow us some trinket…]



allow us some trinket, a bauble or some glimmer in your blink of an eye. polish it with greasy rags, circular & slow. give us a glimpse of our imperfect natures.
some days we figured as much, that time was never your friend. ceasing to be a companion long ago, the march of minutes & hours eventually passed you by & by. but we waited. for only you we waited. sleeping hands nested in our laps we waited. quiet eyes, staid but hopeful we waited. with murmurring hearts that stretched & folded in the midst of their slumbers we waited.




Riley Cox spent some time tucked into a corner of the Pacific Northwest in a damp and sleepy sea side town. At twenty-three, he loves to read, scribble, scrawl, draw, doodle, daydream, dawdle, gambol and gaze under sun-soaked skies and sheets of gray. He has a love of the written word.

He currently blogs at and anticipates a forthcoming chapbook project.

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