March 10, 2010

this never happened//cracked tile//dishes in the bathroom sink//so many pens//wordswordswordswordswords//so many hours so many men//so many phone calls, birds//therethere//robots are boring//anxiety is boring//cogs and lights for eyes forever and ever//ice cubes on lips//drunkdrunkdrunk//please//little griefling–

give up the ghost//little darling//dar-ling//lungs of stone//lungs of diamonds/little tear-ling//little red tares//terra incognito//leaflets on a terrace//leaf-lets//girls down//tendrils swing and wrap//vetch//little vetch-ling// sing while you sleep//singsingsing//sing to girls in the highlands, lowlands, every-lands//paint my face red//paint me//paint me down//the albedo//my libido//fractions of light reflecting on skin//tender//tender me//tendering//tender-ling// sing to me again

skulls//tibia bones//blood, dirt in hair//she had the dream//he was dead againagainagain//not enough, never enough//no longer//scowl scowl//scroll down//broken Christmas eyes, wrapping paper, stolen ribbons//frayed and shattered flowered cups, no gifts//no rings//ever never over//other lives//nononono//only an outline of strangers beside me in the darkness

tarot cards and sunken orca whales not dead yet//killer//kill her//slow like a baby//an invited madness//impatient sands flow like water from the eyes//twitch twitch//gobbled up like a poor man’s dinner//snap! just like that–poor girl-woman//silver flasks lined up on the widow sill//sprawled on the bed like in a prom porno

it has happened now//it will happen again//sleep like drowning//manic sunburned dreams//slumber-ing down//that night on 36th avenue embalmed in the brain// yes//brain as body//brain as bullet//brain as lamppost shining down on moments like speckles of dust

Lisa Cole holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona’s Creative Writing program. Currently, she is working in the non-profit sector but hopes to obtain her teaching certificate later in the year. Her writing has appeared in such online journals as Nimble, Slow Trains, and Asphodel Madness, and such print publications as The Albion Review and the University of Arizona’s Persona. She also has work forthcoming in Sawbuck and Differentia Press’s yearly anthology.

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