March 8, 2010


As my patient’s pupils whiten

they are like comets stopped

by a severe stare

it is like feeling the jet to death

the empty billetted corridor

it is like looking at a comet

& seeing the moving stairs to it

as welcoming

& bombed


The fare is for a shuttle journey from one stop
to the next across a grand canal or section

the journey is fissioned with children
shape-changing like clouds & rain

here & there clashing breaks out
among strangers who have paid too little

or too much expecting a longer ride
from fool’s gold

not wanting the truth
as much as they want

to deify an obsession
they fill time like a locket

only to have it one day
ripped from their throats


About me standing below a window

shouting Valyntina! Valyntina

until I’m joined by a couple of friends

who happen by

and others on their way to dinner

end up joining in the melody Valyntina!

who apparently is not home

I announce there is no Valyntina

there never was

a little perturbed but forgiving

the crowd dissolves into night mist

but one last voice

stays and tries again Valyntina!

it amounts to so little

yet poetry remains

on nearly every corner calling

MIDNIGHTS, poetry and prose poems by Jane Miller, is Saturnalia Press artist/poet Collaboration Series, #4, 2008, with visual art contributed by Beverly Pepper and an introduction by C.D. Wright. Miller’s other recent work is the book-length sequence, A Palace of Pearls (Copper Canyon Press, 2005), which received the 2006 Audre Lorde Prize in Poetry.

2 Responses to “JANE MILLER”

  1. Lisa Cole Says:

    Jane, These are lovely! I hope you are doing well!

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