March 2, 2010


that grey haired fuck.
the one with the cracked tooth
who reminded me of me;
the one who laughed at
the engineer’s measurements
and had to redrill 40 holes
and set the timeless invention
his latest update was the
chip in his tooth
and the beanie that
kept his brain in his head.
Hi Friends!
let’s make sure crazy, grey-haired,
future me get’s access to canons
and armor.
Over Here Sir!
the horror of it all is
right this way,
and don’t forget to take
time to listen to the
(And Action!)

i wanted to see you

the wet, green hills
are circled by blue wigs
and a half-hearted gust
smattering all the grey
with stone and prism;
puffs like chalk off the playground
pummel the valley;
its standard to go away
caring about its work
like it hurts to stop coming.
that’s what it is:
hiding; just like
the treees and the birds playing in the water
do not blame the watch
or the month or the week for

Zac Sawdey
Born: 11/26/1974 San Jose, CA
hometown: El Cajon, CA
Degree: BA English California Polytechnic State University
Currently resides: West Oakland
Hobbies: procratinating now not putting it off until later
Relationship status: N/A bad personality

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